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keen uk #1
  • 1. Why do you do what you do? 


  • I am a 'Wulfrunian' - The Town in which I was born, like most others has a motto - on our coat of arms it says . . .
    A) As you'll see from my hompage, I was born into Romany lineage, and after much travelling with my family around the seaside resorts and fairgrounds of Great Britain and Europe...
    Endless weeks in and out of season were spent renting out those shakey 'huts' on promenades, and penny amusement arcades - and we were often part of a circus/fairground entourage, as a child Summer lasted forever didn't it?

   I remember in the main absorbing and being shown  the  guarded secrets of the 'Romany' way.
Only when I look back do I remember (always with great fondness) how materially poor we were, yet so spiritually rich; so, yes, I do understand UTTER despair and poverty.

Later, if you wish, you will learn of my own emotional extremes that I feel qualify me to truly say I DO know what it feels like to suffer/experience emotional abandonment as well as validation... as well as loving too much . . . and too little... !
2. What was it like growing up?
A) I consider myself to have been blessed to have been a sixties 'gypsy' kid - yes  JUST like you see in those B&W British films! - yet young and ambitious seventies teenager studying 'real' education to make up for 'lost' time,  & then 'media mystic' to the stars of stage and screen, and inspirational article writer of the eighties, eventaully maturing to corporate psychic in the nineties, but . . maybe, well we'll come to that later.
Throughout these decades, I continued to give face to face readings/consultations to people from all walks of life via numerous mediums, pardon the pun.

Feeling it was the thing to do, I was encouraged to go 'up-market' and I had consulting rooms in Mayfair, London, as well as in, in a bigger way from the early years,  travelling around setting up 'stall' in incense-filled, candles-a-lit  psychics fairs, and Mind Body Spirit, Prediction Festival etc . . .as well as unpaid and paid radio and TV presentations,  which led to visiting the homes of the rich and famous as well as the not so famous!  (infamous)

Professional ettiquette prevents me from telling you who they were, but they are well documented nevertheless.
3) I guess like everyone on Keen - you began with zero points?..... so . . . .
 What motivated you to carry on doing what you do?
A) What, you mean besides all those callbacks? :)) 
I guess remembering looking at my listing showing 10 points just about 2 years ago? Thinking this is going to take DEDICATION! - especially since had a good head start . . .
Sorry,  I diverse - my early childhood was clearly the initial blueprint of life as if looking out of my pram at the world . . . (literally) at just a few months.
... as I write, I can smell the sweetness in the air of the freshly rolled candy floss and sugared doughnuts at the next stall on the promenade next to our fortune telling 'hut' it  mixed strangely with freshly frying onions from the roadside grills, as the tourists and the plain curious queued for a reading - especially from the Crytal Ball (which I still have and proudly use with callers on KEEN)
I owe a GREAT debt to my Grandmother, who,  in spirit, is a still a huge influence in my life. I have dedicated my work to her, in keeping with her principles of honesty and compassion.
Much of my motivation and humour stems from her easy way and kindness yet razor sharp vision and wisdom. She was also a magnificant artist and loved to paint in oils on canvas.
She was born in 1895 and died peacefully in 1996 at 101 years: perhaps no coincidence 101 being a prime number!  ...  Just in fact as she had predicted herself.
4. Have other psychics had similar influences?
A) I'd like to answer that by saying that this FAQ is 'speaking for myself' - but I can, with full integrity, & commit to paper, that I have never departed from the Psychic world, and all that is said here is with open heart and totally true.
5. What might others be surprised to know about you?
Phew! - Good question!
Can I take the fifth on that one?
 [INTERVIEWER]   No! - sorry, mention a few . . .
 ok - where can I begin?  You did say 'surprising?' - ok - well here's some departures from my usual work . . .
a) I modelled (once) (by accident/for a dare) for Sony in a pair of striped swimming trunks on a diving board showing a certain portable music device by the poolside!.

b) I am officially retained as a forensic expert - or 'expert witness' as a graphologist and document expert, specialising in determining authorship of anonymous letters/notes, and and can be requested by a court of law, but most of my work is through solicitors requests for civil/domestic cases, but I have been involved in helping determine the author of rasnsom notes/anonymous letters etc.,  and other areas I am not at liberty to speak about.
c) I was 'responsible' for creating the handwriting of many fictional characters such as James Bond, Superman, and other mainstream characters for a famous magazine and posters. This was a request to my agent from the advertising industry. I am also official graphologist for a famous pen compnay. . .
In other words, using my skills as a graphologist, I am able to determine with high accuracy for example what James Bond's handwriting would look like. The drinks company still run the advert!
d) My cat is totally psychic and 100% in tune with me and callers online. As a cat her hearing allows her to pick up on caller's voices!  But I do the readings. She often alerts me to unseen energies with her body language and telefeline mind.
e) I actually remember being in my pram at around 5 months.

 I can also walk on stilts! 

I can also communicate fluently in BSL (sign language)
f) I have made many national and international TV appearences.
My first tele-kinetic experience was at 8 years.
In 1989, A TV company who ran a youth programme wanted predictions for 1999 on the UK's Channel4 now known now as '4'
In late1989 they recorded the show . . .  they  [the predictions] came to pass by or in the year 1999. 

 I was recalled by the programme in 2000 to ask how I did it, but declined their suddenly generous offer. 
g) I enjoy Astral Travel - and travel most weeks! (yes first class) -  Its my own way of discovering different worlds and energies, and its where I choose to take my spirit - or it may take me.
h) I belong to a spiritual group, which I was eventually elected to 'lead' and we do lots of good things, and practice many divination arts as well as seek divine intervention for others. 
i) I often go to nightclubs and specialist venues to dance to music from all decades to the present. I find it motivational. I'm not sure how others see it!  I tend to become totally involved in the music and allow it to absorb my mind, spirit and body, and of course soul.
j) I had a mini time machine built by an electronics professor, and I mentioned it to a young band who used it in their lyrics!
k) I have had numerous 'Beyond the Veil' near death experiences . . . through various means,  it has taught me a great deal about the journey and constantly evolving spirit.
l) I can play the violin, cello, guitar, Tenor Recorder, Trumpet, (and the piano fairly badly!)
m) I have designed and produced several specialist tarot decks... along with interpretations for different/contrasting parts of society; a deck for the deaf, a deck  for disabled persons, and a deck for the Gay community, as although love is love, specifics needed to be addressed.

n) I took on a 'job' giving readings in some of London's biggest night clubs - The Wag Club, Cafe De Paris, & "Heaven" instead of providing a quiet room they wanted me "on show" - so I was literally SHOUTING intimate revealations to the clients over the loud thumping bass!! - maybe the clients had a little too much to drink to care that much! - but boy, it was GREAT fun!

o) For charity I dressed as Santa, as gave consultations in a famous London store - Harrods, however - only over 18s were allowed to get readings - the children were simply bemused - at least they knew santa was psychic!

p) If you've ever been to London, and you've been to 'Bank' station, and you've heard the 'Mind the Gap' announcement - well - I won a competition in the late 80s to record the announcement - it's changed now - thank goodness! - But a peculiar experience nevertheless, hearing my own voice saying "MIND THE GAP"

q) THE COSMIC BREATH  - One of the most memeroable and remarkable memories of my spiritual development was when I was 16.  At 2am I was meditating on a Beach in the after glow of the Sunshine of the day, and I became aware of the "cosmic breath" - I was at one with the gentle summer breeze, and and my breathing was at one with the waves that lapped the shore just a few feet away. Indeed I knew what it was like to be at one with the cosmos - a totally inspirational moment in time. Later, at around 4am, I was 'taken' on a MAGNIFICANT astral travel experience across the great oceans of the world - It was NO dream - it was happening for real - ever wanted to know what it really feels like to fly? Well it felt as though I had a six foot wing span, soaring across the great expanse of seas, at the same time, just as I doubted it was real, I was promptly delivered back to my room, and shown my sleeping body lying on my bed! Within a few seconds I was taken back to continue my astral experience - ever since, needless to say, I have enjoyed the experiences of Astral Travel, and the dimensions that it allows you to see - perhaps more later. 

6. What is the view from your window at this moment?
A) Depending on where I am, but now - A river, and a bridge and some very famous landmarks such as Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament etc - In the summer months I often conduct my readings amongst nature by the river on a mobile/cell phone. On a Bank Holiday, the air is that clear, you can almost look across the Atlantic!
7. What do you feel makes you different from other psychics? .
 A) That is NOT my place to say. Read their pages - godness knows we all have enoigh to say! -  all beings are individual. But I do know, as Mr Newman wrote "Friends Are Electric"
8. Why did you join Keen How did you discover Keen?
Good question - To be totally honest, I was travelling on public transport, and saw their UK advertising on a poster - It was brilliantly conceptualised. Had I not have seen the poster this FAQ wouldn't be here! I got home and  went to, and like others, had my free reading - I won't say who - but felt It would be a magnificant way of retiring from the Media Circus I had involved myself in.

 Like many others, I saw it as an excellent platform to help others - with a huge geographical scope.

It was also a natural 'retreat' from my media and public appearences, and these days I don't get noticed so much in the street and public places, which  I really enjoy.
9. Are you going to stay with Keen?
YES! YES! YES! (Did I say Yes?) Absolutely !! - I really love the people that call me, whom I now see as friends and in exchange I have given up much of my social life and other activities to be on Keen through many different time zones.
10. Are you in a relationship at the moment?
Many! - Especially with the people that call me; also with my cat; my Grandmother;  I have many special relationships with many special people; all individual. and all TOTALLY electric. 
Let's just say that like most others I've had my heart shattered and have gone through devastations, have been through most of the emotions my callers have, but my heart is at total peace as I answer this FAQ!  (looks out of window) . . . Did you say we were going to have that coffee break now?
10 a) Maybe MORE questions and answers at a later stage? Like favourite films, books, music, more about your work?
A) Hmmm, Maybe. Although my site gives a lot of information about 'achievements', and working experiences it's there to give a better idea of how I can help others, not to "show off" - quite the opposite. I thought very carefully before including my experiences in the way they are presented, but I felt people would expect me to be forthright, and not reserved.
I also wanted [my homepage]  to reflect that I had earned my position to give advice and that not only was I born with the gift,  I had actively worked from the initial stages, studying with precision the divination arts to compliment my natural ability. . . towards offering a good and helpful service to others.
I'm not particularly fond of talking about myself.
I'm much more interested in helping others.
In fact its my
raison d'etre.


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A Few thoughts . . .
Father Brown got to his feet, putting his hands behind him. "Odd, isn't it," he said, "that a thief and a vagabond should repent, when so many who are rich and secure remain hard and frivolous, and without fruit for God or man? But there, if you will excuse me, you trespass a little upon my province. If you doubt the penitence as a practical fact, there are your knives and forks. You are The Twelve True Fishers, and there are all your silver fish. But He has made me a fisher of men." "Did you catch this man?" asked the colonel, frowning. Father Brown looked him full in his frowning face. "Yes," he said, "I caught him, with an unseen hook and an invisible line which is long enough to let him wander to the ends of the world, and still to bring him back with a twitch upon the thread."

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Air Signs
Gemini, Aquarius and Libra think too much when it comes to timing, so your Psychic love reading will be designed to encourage your ability to experience situations in which information is purely felt, rather than being delivered in a way that can be logically analyzed. When you think as little as possible, perfection might just appear!

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